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MuscleBlaze Super Gainer XXL Weight Gainer, 11 lb, Chocolate


  • LABDOOR, USA- TESTED & CERTIFIED It has been rigorously tested & certified by Labdoor, USA for Accuracy of Claims (Protein content, no amino spiking) & Purity (free from heavy metals or biological contaminants). Now launched in a highly convenient 500g pack!
  • ENHANCED ABSORPTION FORMULA (EAF ®) in MB Biozyme Performance Whey ensures 50% HIGHER PROTEIN ABSORPTION & 60% SUPERIOR BCAA ABSORPTION compared to other whey proteins. This proprietary formulation of MB is international patent-applied
  • FIRST CLINICALLY TESTED Whey Protein offerings in India, the leading Biozyme range by MuscleBlaze ® is proven for efficacy of absorption, having direct positive impact on muscle-building. The clinical study & its results are available with ICMR’s Clinical Trials Registry- India. It significantly lowers stomach discomfort/ challenge from high-protein digestion
  • SCOOP ON TOP- this award winning innovative packaging feature makes it easy to keep & find the scoop right at the top of the jar. No need to ever search for it inside the powder with hands- no issues of hygiene
  • 25g PROTEIN, 11.75g EAA, 5.51g BCAA- Biozyme Performance delivers all this per scoop powered by all-imported, highest grade, international quality whey protein concentrate
Per 36gm of 14 servings Contains*
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MuscleBlaze Biozyme Performance Whey is crafted exclusively for fitness and muscle-building champions who want their protein supplement to be as effective as their efforts. It is scientifically designed with Enhanced Absorption Formula (EAF®) to maximize the bioavailability of protein for the Indian bodies. It’s a part of MB’s pioneering innovation- the BIOZYME series. The other fitness supplements in this iconic series are Biozyme Whey Iso-Zero & Biozyme Whey Protein.


Banana, Cheesecake, Choco coconut, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Cookiesa & Cream, Mangoa Burst


1.1Lb, 11Lb, 2.2Lb, 4.4lb, 6.6Lb


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