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PAN PRO ATHLETES Iso Rich whey protein powder


PAN PRO ATHLETES NUTRITION Iso Rich Whey Protein is simply a clean, Whole Some Protein Containing Pure Isolated Protein And Soya Protein Isolate. It is a last fast-absorbing whey protein that allows your body to quickly digest the nutrients & Restore Energy and doesn’t need Enzymes to break down use it before and after Exercise to promote lean muscle gains and support recovery


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  • INGREDIENTS:- Whey protein isolate, Hydrolyze protein, stevia Extract, Sucralose, Starch Enzyme, and artificial Flavour (Flavoring Agents and Related Substance)
  • 100% WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATED:- Isolated that absorbs quickly and provides fast results.
  • Clean Protein – All-natural whey protein and milk protein provide your body with healthy amino acids to support protein synthesis throughout the day.
  • Suitability: Recommended for all genders- teenagers, athletes, workout individuals
  • Iso Rich whey protein powder:- Protein30G, BCAA 6.4g, EAA5.8G


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